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Thermal baths

The Balneario de Archena (Thermal Baths of Archena) is possibly one of the most historic Baths, since its history goes back to the fourth Century B.C., when the Iberian established in Archena where the first to use thermal waters from the Region of Murcia. “El Balneario” then becomes in an obligatory passage point through the peninsula to Cástulo, capital of Turdetania, for trading reasons.

 Romans discover the thermal waters (possibly used by natives since forever) and they decided to build up the Termas (baths). The archaeological excavations carried out during the last years have brought to light some remains that belonged to the Balneario in the first Century A.D. Among the last discoveries we can highlight the Thermal Gallery, where the entrance to the antique roman baths was.

In addition, some remains of pillars were found, capitals, a complete tile even with the potter’s stamp and a vows for health inscription.

 The properties of the medicinal – mineral water in the Balneario de Archena are a natural and excellent solution for both illnesses and to recover your body’s well-being. These waters have the capacity of providing relaxation and rest needed to improve our immune system, at the same time it helps the care and improvement of joints and ease the skin repair against the aging. The beneficial effects provided are recognized by doctors and physiotherapists, who prescribe visits to the baths.