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Bienvenido a Nuestros Apartamentos Turísticos Juanita “Ope”. Nuestro a la alcaldesa DESEO es ofrecerle el mejor servicio y calidad. Por Esa Razón le invitamos ONU Permanecer en Nuestros Fabulosos Apartamentos Con el fin de Disfrutar de Sus Vacaciones.


Our offices are located in Archena, really close to our apartments. Marce and I, Juanita, will be pleased to provide you the best stay. You can contact us by email, or even you can make your reservation in the booking space. 


Archena is a town of about 18.000 inhabitants located in the Vega Media del Segura, between the historic Ricote Valley and the plateau formed by La Huerta de Murcia. Archena borders Villanueva del Río Segura on the West, Ulea on the North, Ceutí on the South and Lorquí and Molina de Segura on the East.